Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

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Dental restorations help patients get their damaged, worn out, misshapen, or infected teeth restored back to their normal form. Among the most widely used tooth restorations, the one that stands out is the dental crown. Crowns are used for several purposes such as restoring teeth that are broken, cracked, worn out, weak, or spaced too far apart from each other.

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CEREC crowns

CEREC is one of the many amazing advancements in the field of dentistry. It stands for Chairside Economical Restoration using Esthetic Ceramic. As the name suggests, it is a process of fabricating ceramic dental restorations. The amazing feature of CEREC is the massive reduction in the time taken to fabricate the restorations. You'd be surprised if we told you that you can get dental crowns bonded to your teeth on the same day of getting diagnosed. Hence the name, same-day crowns.

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What is the treatment procedure involved?

When you visit our practice, we would conduct a thorough diagnosis of your mouth. This helps us understand the magnitude of the condition and decide whether or not you will require crowns. Patients are required to satisfy a few conditions if they are to qualify as candidates for crowns. Some of them are optimum gum line, the overall state of health, the strength of the teeth, removal of plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth, etc.

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The teeth will be scanned using a hand-held scanning tool. It is quite simple to use and the patient would feel very comfortable with it. Scanning the teeth from both the jaws and putting them together by means of a digital mold takes no more than a few minutes. This data will be input to a computer that is connected to a CAD/CAM machine. The milling machine mills out the restoration from a piece of ceramic. The final restoration retrieved from the milling machine is so precise in shape and size that any further adjustments need not be made manually by the dentist. During this, you can relax in the comfort of our dental practice.

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Post fabricating the restoration, the dentist bonds it to the tooth using dental adhesives. A curing light will be used to harden the adhesive as it is photosensitive. Any minor adjustments, if required, will be made by the dentist to ensure you get the perfect restoration.

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