Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

iSmile Dental Group LLC

Your journey to a beautiful smile is now simplified with a high-end technology that allows clinicians to plan better smiles, treatment, and produce value to customer needs in an efficient manner.

iSmile Dental Group LLC

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

DSD is an amazing technology that allows dentists to best digitally design and pre-plan your smile on your face before going ahead with the treatment.

At iSmile Digital Design Center, with the use of sophisticated computer software, photography, 3D scans, and dynamic video, we can now compare a 3D portrait of your existing face alongside a created 3D plan of your potential new smile, also giving you the opportunity to co-design your smile with us!

iSmile Dental Group LLC

What is the process involved in DSD?

At first, we carefully analyze your facial and dental features. Then we design your entire picture, incorporating personality, dental analysis, facial characteristics, and also your desired treatment goals. We transform this design into a treatment plan that also combines biology, structure, and function to get a long-lasting result. We will show you the result that you could attain at the end of the treatment by using visual communication.

We use videos, photography, X-rays, and 3D imagery to design, and assume the outcome of your case, before beginning treatment, by making videos of you before-and-after undergoing procedures. 

iSmile Dental Group LLC

Can two faces look alike?

No two faces can be alike. Everyone has got a different face, and not only that, DSD is a completely personalized experience for every patient. With the help of facial features, we understand your facial symmetry and identify the uniqueness in every smile. By designing a smile frame, we can acquire a guide to know about the position of your tooth, its shape, and color. 

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