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Orthodontics is one of the very few globally recognized branches of dentistry. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion or the misalignment of teeth. Over the past few years, the number of patients seeking orthodontic attention has increased significantly. This gives us a better understanding of how important oral aesthetics is in our everyday life.

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Common orthodontic appliances

Orthodontics involves the use of dental appliances or aligners to alter the alignment of the teeth. Force is applied to the teeth in a particular direction and in a controlled manner to move them accordingly. Some of the popular orthodontic appliances are as follows:

Conventional metal braces: Metal braces consist of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed to the frontal surface of the teeth using dental adhesives. The wires are made to run through the brackets and their ends are fastened to the molars. The dentist alters the pressure applied by the braces on the teeth by tightening or loosening them, thereby ensuring the teeth are moving to their desired positions. Regular consultations are required so that the dentist can make changes as and when required. Based on the severity of malocclusion, the treatment period spans a few months to a couple of years.

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Clear braces: Clear braces function similar to conventional braces, except that the metal brackets and wires are replaced by transparent or tooth-colored counterparts. This allows you to keep your orthodontic treatment under disguise without attracting a lot of unwanted attention. Though clear braces do not contain any metal components, their functionality is just as good as metal braces.

Clear aligners: Clear aligners, or better known as Invisalign, are orthodontic aligners that are made from a transparent dental-grade plastic material. In real, Invisalign looks just like a mouthguard that athletes wear, but transparent. The aligners will have to be worn every day for at least 22 hours, meaning you will have to put them on even while asleep. They can be taken off only when you eat food or brush your teeth. Ensuring there is no food debris left on the teeth is essential before putting them back on as it could affect the treatment.

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