Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

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Oral health plays a major role in our everyday life, and it directly affects the overall health of a person. Family dentistry emphasizes just that. It involves the dental treatment of the members of a family, belonging to all age groups. A family dentist is a person who specializes in all types of oral procedures, such as cleaning, whitening, tooth extractions, treating cavities, gum diseases and other oral infections.

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What are the advantages of opting for a family dentist?

One-stop destination: Imagine taking individuals of your family to different dentists for their respective oral treatments. It can be pretty hectic and time-consuming. But with a family dentist, all individuals of your family can visit the same dental practice and have their oral issues dealt with effectively.

The benefit of familiarity: Once you start visiting the same family dentist for a few years, your dentist would have a well-maintained record of your dental history and the treatments you’ve had in the past. This would make it easy for them to treat any new oral conditions that you develop.

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Children friendly: Children usually make a fuss when they have to visit the dentist. But our family dentist treats children in a friendly and playful way, which makes them totally comfortable during the treatment.

Cut down on costs: It would cost you significantly more to get your family members treated by different dentists as compared to a family dentist. For instance, getting cavities filled, tartar removed and whitening done would cost lesser if you chose the same family dentist rather than visiting different dentists for each of them.

What conditions does a family dentist treat?

Cavities: A significant proportion of people in the United States suffer from cavities. The reason for this is excessive consumption of sugary and sticky foods, and improper brushing and flossing. Cavities will have to be treated at an early stage and filled using a composite filling material before it infects the adjoining teeth and gums.

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Tartar accumulation: The accumulated plaque and tartar will be removed using ultrasonic scaling devices. It prevents the onset of gum diseases and helps maintain optimum oral health.

Discoloration: Teeth discoloration is very common, and the cause of it is the consumption of colored foods, beverages, and improper brushing. We can help you get whiter teeth with our advanced whitening techniques that are quick and long-lasting.

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Malocclusion: Misaligned and crooked teeth ruin the aesthetics of the mouth. People with malocclusion feel less confident while interacting with others. We offer solutions such as braces and Invisalign to help you get perfectly aligned teeth.

Oral infections: Gum diseases could be a direct cause of oral infections. They can cause inflammation, bleeding, the release of pus, and also tooth loss. If required, gum surgery will be performed and the appropriate medication will be prescribed.

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