Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies are pretty common and mostly occur when a person suffers an external injury to the mouth. In other cases, a dormant infection or a cavity could suddenly become active and cause throbbing pain in the teeth. We attend to all types of dental emergencies and do our best to help relieve our patients’ pain at the earliest.

iSmile Dental Group LLC

Here are some of the common dental emergencies:

Knocked off tooth: A hard blow to the mouth could completely uproot a tooth, or break it off right at the gum line. In such cases, our dentists will provide the right treatment and make sure you’re relieved of the pain and the bleeding is stopped.

Partially broken tooth: A bad fall or an injury to the mouth could cause cracks in the teeth or cause chipping, where a part of the tooth is broken. It could be equally painful as a completely knocked off tooth and would require immediate dental care. Treatment would be given to stop the pain and later, a suitable restoration would be suggested to bring back the tooth to its former aesthetic and functional state.

iSmile Dental Group LLC

Dormant cavities/infections:Cavities and infections that had stayed dormant for several years could become active all of a sudden, causing severe pain in the teeth.

Failed restorations: Sometimes, a large filling or an inlay could fail due to various reasons. This would expose the cavity to the microbes in the mouth. Also, veneers, crowns, bridges or implants could also fail, increasing the chances of the failure of the tooth.

iSmile Dental Group LLC

No matter what your dental emergency is, get in touch with us at the earliest and we’ll be happy to help. Call us at (614) 459-3229.


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