The Benefits of Guided Implant Dentistry

The Benefits of Guided Implant Dentistry

Posted by DR. PENG Aug 14,2020

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A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth used in place of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants are known for their strength, stability, excellent aesthetic, and longevity. However, the conventional dental implantation process has several drawbacks, which has brought out the need for a more advanced and patient-friendly procedure - Guided implant dentistry.

What are the downsides of implant surgery?

Time-consuming: Conventional implant surgery takes several months from the initial diagnosis to placing the dental implant and completing the restoration. Initially, the dentist conducts a thorough diagnosis and determines your candidacy for implants. In case the jawbone doesn’t have enough density or volume, a bone graft may be required to replenish it. It could sometimes take several months for the bone to adjust to the new tissues and grow to an optimum volume. Next would be the implantation procedure. The dentist will ideally suggest 4 to 6 months of healing so that the bone can fuse with the dental implant. Placing the ceramic crown on the implant will require multiple visits to the dentist’s office over a few months.

Discomfort: Once the implant is placed in the mouth, it can sometimes become uncomfortable for the patient due to the positioning, size, and shape of the implant. In such instances, the chances of developing oral infections are high. Over time, the implant may also loosen from its socket.

Displeasing aesthetics: This is quite a common concern, especially if the dental practice is using conventional methods to take an impression of the teeth and fabricate the implant. These methods usually have lesser accuracy, making the implant look displeasing.

How can guided dentistry overcome these?

At iSmile Dental, we use some of the best technological advancements in dentistry to make our procedures convenient, comfortable, and less time-consuming. We use guided implant dentistry as an alternative to conventional implantation procedures, as it offers more efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

Computer-guided implant surgery includes aspects such as 3D imaging, CT scans, digital x-rays, and CAD/CAM technology for fabricating the restoration. The entire oral cavity is imaged using a Computerized Tomography technique. Digital x-rays may also be used to get a better view of the underlying jawbone and tooth roots. Using the data obtained, our team will draw out a precise treatment plan and discuss it with you. The dentist will place the metal implant stud in the jawbone using advanced computer technology. Next, the data from the scans will be used to create digital models of the crowns, which will be used as a reference for fabricating the crowns using dental-grade ceramic. A computerized milling machine working on the principle of CAD/CAM is used for this purpose. The crown will be fixed on the implant, and digital x-rays are used to ensure proper placement.

Guided implant dentistry offers excellent results and makes the procedure pain-free and comfortable for the patient. Also, the implant placed using this technique lasts longer and requires far lesser consultations to check its ideal condition.

Call us at (614) 459-3229 or schedule an online consultation with our highly experienced team, and we’ll be happy to guide you further.

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