Does Your Child Hate Brushing? Fun Ways to Get Your Kid to Brush Their Teeth

Does Your Child Hate Brushing? Fun Ways to Get Your Kid to Brush Their Teeth

Posted by DR. PENG Apr 08,2022

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Children should practice dental care to maintain good oral hygiene. However, it is quite difficult to get the child started on brushing. They may not like the idea of brushing their teeth twice a day. 

The following are a few tips to make brushing a fun activity for them:

  • Make It a Group Activity

Children might love brushing if their entire family does it simultaneously. Teach them how to put the toothpaste and move the bristles in a circular motion to remove bacteria. It would be good to make exaggerated movements while brushing so that they would giggle and have fun.

Kids tend to get more excited if it is performed as a group activity. It adds fun to their daily activity and can take off their teeth alone. 

  • Create Games About Brushing Teeth

The kids would enjoy brushing their teeth if it is turned into a game. Parents should think about what game their kids would enjoy.

If they have any favorite animals or dolls, bring them into the bathroom. Help the child to brush their toy's teeth first before making your child brush their teeth. They are likely to enjoy this activity. 

You can also play games by making them want their toothbrush. Ask them to look for their toothbrush before going to the bathroom. When they find it, celebrate their discovery. 

  • Get Active While You Brush

Most kids love to listen to their favorite songs daily. They have fun while singing their favorite lyrics. Ask the kids to sing a song while they brush their teeth so you can guess which one it is. You can also do this in a reverse manner by asking them to guess the song while you sing. 

This would be a fun activity for them. They would find it difficult to guess your song or impossible to pronounce their words while they sing. 

  • Let Them Choose Their Brush and Paste

The child should be given the choice to choose their toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character or superheroes. They should also be made to choose the toothpaste of their favorite flavor. This makes them more excited about brushing their teeth and helps keep them involved in the activity. 

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