Clear Aligners to Get Rid of a Malocclusion

Clear Aligners to Get Rid of a Malocclusion

Posted by DR. PENG Sep 17,2020

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The alignment of the teeth is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Crooked teeth are more prone to developing cavities, as the microbes in the mouth can get accumulated at the intersections and form tartar deposits. Also, thoroughly cleaning the teeth is quite challenging when they aren’t aligned appropriately. One of the best ways to treat a malocclusion is using clear aligners.

What are clear aligners?

Dental braces were the go-to solution for many years for treating misaligned teeth. They are predominantly composed of metal components, such as brackets and wires. This leaves a metallic appearance on the smile, making you feel overly conscious of your facial aesthetics when you socialize. The perfect solution to this concern is a clear aligner.

A clear aligner is made from transparent plastic that has shape memory. It looks a bit like a sports mouthguard that athletes use, but transparent. When patients with a malocclusion put on the aligners, the walls of the aligner gently apply pressure on the teeth and help them move to their orthodontically right positions. During the treatment, you need not worry about your smile looking displeasing, as the aligners are hardly noticeable due to their transparent appearance.

What are the advantages of clear aligners?

  • The biggest concern with dental braces is that they leave a nasty appearance on your teeth, which can make your smile look less pleasing. But, with clear aligners, there is no such concern as the teeth would be visible through the transparent aligners.
  • Metal braces could injure the soft tissues of the mouth when you sustain oral trauma. This is due to the presence of metal components, such as brackets, wires, etc. This isn’t the case with clear aligners, as it doesn’t have any metal components or sharp edges that could injure you.
  • Clear aligners work gently while moving the teeth, thereby applying significantly lesser pressure. This method causes almost no discomfort or pain, making it especially suitable for children and teenagers.
  • When youngsters get dental braces, they could be embarrassed when their friends mock them. With clear aligners, they need not worry about this concern. They can confidently wear the aligners and go about their everyday routine.
  • When you get dental braces, the dentist will advise you to keep a few foods off the plate. Hard candies, nuts, gummy bears, pizza, etc. are a few foods that you shouldn’t eat, as they would either damage the braces or get stuck between the brackets. But, with clear aligners, you can take them off and eat anything you wish to. Make sure to clean the teeth thoroughly before putting them back on.

To know more about clear aligners from our dentist, please schedule an online appointment or call us at (614) 459-3229, and we will be happy to help.

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