4 Ways to Help Your Kid Brush His/Her Teeth Regularly

4 Ways to Help Your Kid Brush His/Her Teeth Regularly

Posted by DR. PENG Jan 10,2022

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Brushing our teeth on a regular basis is an important part of our dental hygiene and the habit of brushing regularly should be instilled in children as early as possible, too. 

At iSmile Dental Group LLC in Columbus, Ohio, we can help you make your kid’s oral hygiene simpler. 

Tips to Make Brushing Fun for Your Kid

Here are a few tips we recommend to make brushing fun for your kid:

Educate Your Child About the Importance of Brushing

Educating children on the importance of brushing their teeth can make a big difference. You can show them pictures of healthy teeth and encourage them to brush so that they too can have a healthy smile. You can also ask the dentist to give them a demonstration during their next checkup.

Let Them Pick Out a Fun Toothbrush

Letting your children pick the toothbrush of their choice is a great way to get them excited about brushing their teeth. You can also let them pick out a toothpaste flavor they like. This will also give them a sense of autonomy and keep them interested in brushing.

Make Brushing Enjoyable

Depending on your child’s age, engage in a game with them while they brush their teeth. You can try things like seeing who can make the most foam or do a little dance while they brush. You can also engage in role-playing by letting them brush their favorite stuffed toys.

Brush Your Teeth Together and Follow the Routine

Kids love to imitate others, so the best way to teach them good habits is to lead by example. Brushing together is a great way to bond and make kids understand that it is a simple daily task. Make brushing a family routine so your kids can see you doing the right thing too.

It is important your kids start brushing at an early age. Even before your child’s teeth start to erupt, you should massage their gums. This way, you can familiarize them with the sensation of tooth brushing. As the teeth erupt, you can shift to a proper toothbrush. 

For more information on dental hygiene for kids, contact iSmile Dental Group LLC in Columbus, Ohio, by calling (614) 459-3229 or visit our office located at 1151 Bethel Road Suite #301, Columbus OH 43220.

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