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When you are getting ready to introduce your team members, it is critical that you provide information to your audience that will help them develop confidence in your brand. You built your company, but it takes more than you to run it. A meet the team page is a page where companies can introduce their employees to site visitors and showcase the highlights of their organization’s personnel.

image of the doctor Pei P.

Pei P. Doctor / The Founder

Pei P., Doctor / The Founder

I was born and raised in Taiwan. At 19, my parents sponsored me to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist in the U.S. I thrive on challenges and love helping people, which brings me joy. I enjoy beautiful things, whether natural or man-made. I love watching action movies, and the Mission Impossible series starring Tom Cruise is my favorite. Dentistry has been my dream job since I was 15, and it has become even more fascinating with digital technologies. Our great team at iSmile Dental makes my work exciting and fulfilling. My favorites Color: Purple Movie: Mission Impossible Series Season: Spring / Fall
image of the doctor Yufang L.

Yufang L. Office Manager

Yufang L., Office Manager

Hi! I am YuFang. I am a passionate pet lover who finds joy in dentistry. I am committed to ensuring every task is completed with attention and detail, and I find immense satisfaction in seeing my patients leave with a smile. I pride myself on delivering high-quality customer service. In my free time, I love cooking and baking, often bringing homemade treats to the office to share with my colleagues. During my weekends, I enjoy hiking with my paw kids and exploring nature. Additionally, I take pleasure in baking special dog treats.

My favorites

Color: All Color

Movie: My Neighbor Totoro

Season: Fall

image of the doctor Jasmin C.

Jasmin C. Insurance Coordinator

Jasmin C., Insurance Coordinator

My name is Jasmin, and I work as a front desk receptionist for Chaunele. What I like to do in my free time is spend time with family and friends, play video games, and read from time to time. My favorite movie is Shrek 2, and my go-to dish, is an all-flat lemon pepper wing meal from Wingstop. What I like about working here is that this place does not just feel like a job; it feels like a family.

My favorites

Color: Green

Movie: Shrek 2

Season: Fall

image of the doctor Chaunele B.

Chaunele B. Insurance Coordinator

Chaunele B., Insurance Coordinator

My name is Chaunele, and I am one of the front desk receptionists. I like to spend my free time playing video games, doing my makeup, and going out with my friends. I do not have any pets, but my favorite breed of cat would be Mainecoons and Tuxedo. My go-to song for karaoke is I Am The Best by 2NE1, but my favorite songs by the band are Gotta Be You and Clap Your Hands. I enjoy working with Dr. Pei because she is an understanding boss and works with her employees to make sure the work gets done.

My favorites

Color: Pink

Movie: Ghost Ship

Season: Summer

image of the doctor Sue G.

Sue G. Dental Assistant

Sue G., Dental Assistant

Before joining iSmile Dental, I was taking care of my young children full-time. With 8 years of experience as a dental assistant, I was thrilled and grateful when a friend introduced me to Dr. Peng's practice. Now, after 2 years of working here, my life is busy but fulfilling. I'm also thankful for my family's support in pursuing my professional career. Outside of work, I enjoy indulging in good food and capturing moments through photography. I love documenting life's little moments through words and photos.

My favorites

Color: Black

Movie: Frozen I

Season: Winter

image of the doctor Taylor R.

Taylor R. Dental Assistant

Taylor R., Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Tay Tay! I love spending time with my son, husband, and petsâ€" Roxy the dog, Miriam the cat, and my two fish tanks. With almost 4 years of experience in dental work, including General, Periodontal, Surgical, and Orthodontics, I'm passionate about the field. In my free time, I cherish being a busy mother and love learning and speaking Chinese. This is my second time returning to Dr. Peng's office, and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Peng is the most caring doctor I've ever worked for, and I have a fantastic team and boss!

My favorites

Color: Baby Blue

Movie: Finding Nemo

Season: Spring

image of the doctor Dana J.

Dana J. Dental Assistant

Dana J., Dental Assistant

My name is Dana; my favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. I enjoy sightseeing and attending local farmers' markets. I am currently studying to become a dental hygienist. In addition to working as a dental assistant, I am also a supervisor at Chick-fil-A. One thing that I find different here is the welcoming atmosphere and always having a strong support system to always do your best!

My favorites

Color: Purple

Movie: IF

Season: Spring

image of the doctor Erica W.

Erica W. Marketing Associate

Erica W., Marketing Associate

I came to the United States in 2008. I have two children. My weekends are mostly spent at the soccer field, cheering on my son. During the pandemic, I also became a proud owner of five guinea pigs. Working with this team brings me joy. Dr. Peng provides us with ample opportunities to grow and develop. In the clinic, I handle marketing tasks, such as video production and social media posts. I look forward to the chance to witness your smile firsthand.

My favorites

Color: Green

Movie: Love Actually

Season: Fall

image of the doctor Yuan En C.

Yuan En C. Smile Designer

Yuan En C., Smile Designer

Hi, I am Yuan En. I came to the US almost two years ago. I have been working in the dental technology field for 6 years. My work here involves designing all kinds of teeth restorations. I like working with iSmile because this company cares about workers' benefits and promotes open communication. Pei also frequently introduces new techniques to improve the practice, so there’s always excitement and challenge here.

My Favorites

Color: Earth tones

Movie: Wreck-It Ralph 1&2

Season: Fall and winter


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